Newton County
Sheriff's Office
Jasper, Arkansas
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Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigations Division works all major felony cases. The division averages working 200 felony cases per year. The CID Division also handles all evidence and sex offender cases, and registration. Drugs, particularly Methamphetamine, is a huge target for the CID Division as "Meth" users, buyers and sellers can be directly tied to a large percentage of the crime that occurs in the County. The CID Division is committed to fighting the drug problem and making Newton County an even better place to enjoy. 


The CID Division currently consists of two Investigators:

NC50 - Investigator Mike Blocker

Investigator Blocker is currently the Lead Investigator of the CID Division for the Newton County Sheriff's Office. Investigator Blocker has been employed as an Investigator with the Sheriff's Office since January of 2019. Investigator Blocker is a certified Law Enforcement Instructor, Radar Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Field Training Officer, Certified SRO, member of the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, and has multiple hours of training in Crime Scene Investigations, Evidence Management, Advanced Interview and Interrogations, Drug Interdictions, Sexual Assaults and Investigations, and is trained as a Hostage Negotiator and Crisis Intervention. 

NC51 - Investigator Kevin Thomas

Investigator Kevin Thomas has been employed as an Investigator with the Newton County Sheriff's Office since 2008. Investigator Thomas primarily handles all Evidence related functions and Sex Offender cases and registration. Investigator Thomas also assist other investigators and deputies with cases when applicable. Investigator Thomas is a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, Field Training Officer, Certified CID level I and II, and Certified Covert Investigator.


Active Meth Lab Marijuana Eradication Marijuana and Paraphernalia  Meth Lab Components Marijuana Plant
Stolen vehicle located on Fire, suspect arrested and convicted of Arson Search Warrant Drugs, paraphernalia and money seized. Suspect convicted Pill bottle with Methamphetamine Seizure of 40 grams of Marijuana. Suspect Convicted Money and Scale seized from Search Warrant. Suspect Convicted
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