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Sheriff's Log


February 2nd

0512  Male called to ask the weather conditions

0805  Female called about road conditions

0904  Female called to report a male calling and harassing her

1043  Female called to report she was stuck on hwy 7S

1044  Male called to report two vehicles stuck on hwy 7S

1045  Caller report five or six vehicles stuck on hwy 7S

1050  Female called to report vehicles stuck on hwy 7S

1125  Male called to report a vehicle stuck on McElroy Gap

1139  Caller report three or four vehicles stuck on Carver Hill

1155              Female called to report a one vehicle accident on Holts Curve with no injuries

1214  Caller reporting a vehicle stuck on hwy 7N

1220  Male called requesting the highway dept to be contacted to clear off hwy 123 at Carver

1715  Female called to complain about her husband

1728  Female called to see if she could get a ride to Swain

2224  Male called to report a flu fire


February 3rd

0900  Female called saying that a Doctor in Harrison is in the pin because he came home and found his wife and her husband together and wanted to know if it would hurt when her husband kills her and if we can get the doctor out of jail and her husband will not let her call anyone and took her kids phone numbers away

0958  Male called top report gate stolen from the Mossville Cemetery

1042  Male called to report someone killed two hogs in Hasty

1359  Female called to report an agency had her personal information


February 4th

0949  Male called asking for a welfare check on his sister

1148  Female came in wanting a deputy to go with her to pick up her belongings from her husband’s house

1154  Male called to advise a car ran off the road by Mill creek

1301  Male called asking for a deputy to come to his residence because he wants to press charges on his wife and her brother for breaking and entering. He advised they kicked in the door and took some of her things and left while he was at his mother’s

1307  Male called wanting to report a breaking and entering at a man’s house. The man’s wife and brother kicked in the door to get her stuff and if we don’t do something he will call his state trooper buddies and they will

1317  Male called stating he would have killed them and they would have never made it off his hill alive

1323  Male called again asking if we were coming to take pictures of his house

1342  Male called to report a telemarketer keeps calling on a withheld number and harassing, the man had a foreign accent and when he told him to stop calling him to try to sell him things and the man got mad and said he would come kill him

 1700  Male called to advise someone had kicked in a man’s door today and it was his estranged wife with two family members

1734  Female called to asking to let her brother know she was okay and that her son was mad over asking for a welfare check

1749  Female called again saying her son wanted to have her committed to a mental hospital

1820  Male called to report a semi was on hwy 374  on Vendor side and could not get up the hill

2036  Male called asking why a deputy didn’t call him back about the other man’s door being kicked in and that we are the reason he got a DWI



February 5th

0700  Male called to report a horse with saddle on it on a county road by the woods

1600  Female called to report someone’s horses are out tearing up stuff in the Bass area

1612  Female called to report three male hitchhikers out on hwy 7S

1646  Female called to report a man wouldn’t let her see her daughter

1723  Female called wanting Mt Sherman cleared for her kids and grandkids to go to work tomorrow

2215  Female called to ask what she could do about her 15 yr old daughter wanting to leave with her 18 yr old boyfriend for the night



February 6th

0850  Female called wanting us to come out and see if everything is okay with her propane because they can smell propane

1448  Female called wanting a background check on a man

2009  Male called asking about the Sheriff’s Office receiving a call about mail fraud and mentioned his cousin and asked his name being brought up, then continued to talk about mail fraud and cyber fraud

2028  Female called saying that her husband had killed her baby and killed himself also thought he killed someone else

2040  Female called again saying he killed two men. TV said the graves then she became hard to understand, started talking about money being taken. She said everyone was afraid of him but her and she gets tired of women killing their babies then became very emotional

2058  Female called again trying to get a hold of someone, she said they are coming to kill her. She started talking about a man and the dogs then hung up


February 7th

0109  Female called asking for a tow truck

1047  Female called to report a theft of property at her father’s house, she advised he doesn’t live there do to remodeling but knew who took the things stolen

1116  Male called saying he wrecked in Parthenon

1124  Male called saying his grand child was suppose to meet his mother today and wanted to know what would happen if he couldn’t get his car out due to the ice and the child had to stay the night

1136  Male called to advise he totaled his truck

1423  Female called to report that a man or woman ran over her new Finland dog and the neighbor saved it from the creek while she was gone working. She said she is tired of these people and will go over the sheriff’s head to bring them down and the best thing and only thing that he can do for her is spay and neuter the people. She didn’t see them hit her dog nor did the neighbor but she has a certified letter from the woman demanding money and she just knows it was them.  She does not want a deputy from Newton County and don’t send her a useless deputy. She also knows that evidence is missing out of a case file and she is very tired of Newton County, she doesn’t expect a call from the sheriff. If he wants to talk to someone he can talk to a man from Boone County that is really close friends with her and is mad at the sheriff and has words for him. She stated that if we want to hold her in contempt that sounded more like a vacation to have someone do her laundry and cook her meals and bring them to her and get to nap all day and all her medical bills are a couple thousand a month and she would let someone else pay for that including her physical therapy, her medication, and her mental health therapy

1941  Female called talking about someone killing someone and money and hay being taken


February 8th

0720  Female called asking if her phone was working

0728  Female called again asking us to come fix her phone

1030  Female called for a welfare check

1432  Male called saying his neighbor called him in Mississippi to advise she heard a loud noise and went out and scared off two individuals that she thought were trying to break into his building

1447  Female called asking about a welfare check

1450  Female came in to advised a air conditioner was about to fall by House of Treasures

1521  Male called to advise a friend was getting water for an overheated vehicle and not someone trying to break in and the neighbor was not familiar with the vehicle

1659  Female called to advise she got a hold of someone but still wants a welfare check

1713  Male called to report a truck broke down

1912  Male called to report hearing two shots fired

2201  Female called saying her husband was feeding her pills and making her feel retarded


We received 44 calls about the condition of the roads between Feb. 2nd and Feb. 8th