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6 arrested in connection with burglaries


 Newton County Sheriff Keith Slape said that 6 people were arrested this week after investigation of burglaries in Newton County.  Slape stated that equipment donated to the sheriff's office helped solve 3 residential burglaries and 4 commercial burglaries. The Newton County Sheriff's Office conducted two search warrants December 17th  and located stolen items that were at the residences and the Boone County Sheriff's Office executed 2 search warrants in Boone County where stolen items were being stored. Stolen items and drug paraphernalia was found at the residences. Clifton Baker, 29, of Jasper was charged with 2 counts of residential burglary, 2 counts of theft of property, and criminal mischief. Justin Crabtree, 25, of Jasper was charged with 3 counts of theft by receiving, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of schedule VI controlled substance, possession of a schedule II controlled substance and simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms. Joshua Blanton,25, of Jasper, was charged with 1 count of residential burglary, 9 counts of theft of property, breaking and entering, 4 counts of commercial burglary, 3 counts of criminal mischief and 5 counts of possession of firearm by certain person. The National Park Service agents assisted the Sheriffs' office in the investigations. The investigation continues on the break ins that occurrd on the Buffalo National River Park. The other three individuals being charged are charged out of Boone County." We appreciate the help of Boone County Sheriff's Office and the Agents of the park service" Slape said. " the cooperation with the agencies made the process smoother".   

Baker              crabtree                 blanton

        Clifton Baker                                Justin Crabtree                                 Josh Blanton