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Sheriff's Log


January 12th

0829  A male called about his soon to be ex wife things still being at his house and he wants it gone and wants the number to the Mississippi Police Dept

0908  A male called to report a possible drunk driver

1018  Male called again about his wife’s things and also stated that someone from two different states was threatening him

1137  Male called about his friend’s wife leaving her things and wants to know when he can start charging a fee for storage and we need to tell the people threatening his friend they had better quit. He advised he would take things into his own hands.

1216  Male called again about the same thing

1738  Harps called to report a gas drive off


January 13th

0550  Male called to report grass fire near Fallsville

0606  Male called to report fire near Fallsville

0657  Female called to advise of big hole on the Pruitt Bridge

0835  Call about a tree down on the side of the road and there are some limbs in the road

1400  Male called about a man calling him everyday all day long to see if his wife is there and has even sent the police there to look for her

1444  Male called to report a man walking on the bridge at Dogpatch

1539  Female called to ask if a man was still alive, someone was threatening his life and how he treats her so bad and people putting on masks

1558  Female called saying she hears her babies screaming wanting out of the pits and she hears them all night. She wants the number to Ozark Health then said she is praying for all the children

1613 Female called saying they were all dead over there and she had buckshot coming out of her

1711  Male called to report a semi on its side just past Lurton

1711  Female called to report her tire fell off her car

2039  Female called to report her estranged husband was at her house bothering her and the kids


January 14th

0038  A female called to report cows in the road on Levi Bell Hill          

0650  Male caller advised a horse was in the hwy just past the sewer plant

0758  Male caller reported a big dog coming up to his apartments and has growled at him

1140  Male called to report someone had stolen his rabbit out of its cage

1519  Female called to report a stolen generator

2014  Female called to advise that a deputy was setting on hwy 7 and shined a spot light at her vehicle

2215  Caller advised of horses out at Ozark Campground


January 15th

0230  Male called to ask for pictures of his son

0729  Male called to report some teenagers walking on the hwy with blankets in Western Grove

0839  Male called to report a accident on hwy 43

1136  Harps called to report a gas drive off

1740  Female called to report a man took his grandparents vehicle and they wanted it returned

2341  Female called to report her son had hit an elk at Carver


January 16th

0040  Male called to report someone came by his house stopped in the road then aggressively took off, he advised he has been having problems with prowlers around his property , he also advised a strong smell of meth coming from the North

0642  Male called to advise he thinks his step mother was starving his father and that her sister would run distractions so it wasn’t noticed, he also advised he was staying up all night to protect his property at gun point from prowlers

0647  Female called to report an elk had been hit on the Carver Bridge

0739  Female called to advise her horse had gotten out and they couldn’t find it

0811  Male called to report Mt Judea school bus had hit an elk that morning at the Carver bridge

0817  Male called to report the elk being hit

1555  Female called to report a one vehicle accident at Rock Creek on hwy 74E

1610  Female called to report a man chased her with her kids in the vehicle

1625  Female called advising her husband is throwing a fit and has went crazy cursing and throwing stuff outside, he won’t let her build a fire because he is afraid it will burn the house down and needs someone to come take care of him

1754  Female called to report someone broke in and stole her things

2002  Male called to report can see circular type fire off in the distance


January 17th

1115  Male called to report a dead dog in the hwy

1333  Male called to report someone had broke into his house

1421  Female called to ask why she doesn’t have an address

1528  Male called to report another man just threatened him saying he was going to come kill him

1540  Female called to advise she found a dog and tried to call the contact number on the collar but they didn’t answer

2118  Female called to report that a man keeps calling her threatening her and can hear him torturing animals in the background

2252  Male called to complain that his wife hasn’t picked up her things yet


January 18th

1127  Female called to report her granddaughter was raging

1139  Male called to advise he heard an explosion last night in Compton       

1553  Female called to report a fire

1727  Male called to advise his wife still hasn’t gotten her things

1947  Male called to report someone had threatened to kill him

2021  Male called to report again that someone had threatened to kill him

2215  Female called to report someone selling drugs from their house