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Sheriff's Log


January 19th

1255  Male called to report a possible fire between Erbie and Jasper

1304  Male called to report people at the bottom of the switchbacks had set up camp with a fire

1334  Female called to report someone had cut all her hair off and wanted to know if that was something she needed to be worried about and also that she has to stay there because if she doesn’t that he will hurt her boys

1404  Male called to report a fire near Alum Cove


January 20th

1108  Female called to report her yard was on fire in Parthenon


January 21st

1154  Male called to report a car fire on hwy 21

1315  Caller reported shooting at midnight near the Hurricane River Cave

1543  Caller reported a cow on road

1547  Female called to report 20 cows on the road

1618  Male called to report a horse on the road

1820  Female called to report a mother and teenager fighting

2043  Male called to report someone had ran thru his fence and took out some posts

2044  Male called to advise him and his wife had been into a fight

2050  Female called to report her and her husband had been fighting over the keys to his truck

2125  Male called again stating his wife had attacked him


January 22nd 

0537  Female called to report she had at wreck at Dogpatch

1100  Male called to ask what he could post on facebook about his wife

1304  Female called to report a prowler in the Parthenon area during late hours and can hear them cough and they have knocked on her door several times

1343  Female called to advised her husband has guns and is afraid he will hurt her dogs and wants a welfare check on them

1618  Male called again asking what he can put on facebook about his estranged wife

1833  Male called to report 6 horses out

2023  Female called saying some young man that wanted to work and someone shot him

2027  Female called again saying she wanted the police dept to report her brother in law had been shot but didn’t want to report who shot him

2227  Female called to ask what to do when her ex and his family keep sending her stuff in the mail and emails

2318  Male called again wanting to talk to a deputy about facebook


January 23rd 

0036  Male called again saying he wanted a answer on if he could post things about his wife on facebook if it was the truth then advised he had a voice run security system now that will only work with his voice

1052  Female called to report a vehicle all over the road and when she passed them they were smoking something

1137  Female called to report her neighbor would not let her pick up her junk on the side of the road

1327  Female called in reference to property here and her cousin will not let anyone on it

1716  Male called to report his estranged wife’s brother called to threaten him and said him and 4 more men were in Harrison and coming to his house and wants to know if they showed up could he shoot them

1915  Male called to report someone was walking up on him and yelling his name

1922  Male called again and advised a man walked up to him and cursed at him

2005  Female called to report her father threatened to kill her with help from another person


January 24th

0512  Female called to report a fire near Rock Creek Hill

0858  Male called wanting a deputy to go with him to get his kids because she kept them out of school again and there is nothing wrong with them

0946  Female called to report her kids dad came to the house banging on her door and the kids are home sick

0948  Male called to report he didn’t get to see his kids

1200  Female called to report a fire at boxley

1528  Female called to report their truck got broken into and stuff is missing and messed up

1855  Female called to report a one vehicle accident


January 25th

1205  Female called to advise of goats hanging in bluff

1252  Caller advised of hay fire

1408  Male called to advise a man had threatened to shoot him

1412  Male called to advise he had gotten rid of his ex wife’s phone numbers

1436  Female called to report a woman cursing at her and videotaping her

1643  Caller advised of drunk driver

2041  Male called to report he was in danger and 5 people surrounded him last night and one stabbed him

2256  Female called to report a male was calling and threatening to kill her family