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Sheriff's Log


February 9th

0626  Male called about road conditions

0818  Male called for unlock

1035  Female called about road conditions

1606  Female called stating a deputy was needed for a verbal and physical dispute, her stepdad hit her and her mother is breaking stuff


February 10th

0745  Female called about court

0752  Call about road conditions

0752  Call about court

0755  Male called asking for AJ’s Towing phone number

0817  Female called about court

0834  Call about court

0834  Male called to report there is black car blocking his driveway

0916  Male called to advise the car is now gone

1309  Female called wanting the number for OCS and then started rambling like she was speaking in tongues

1409  Female called stating her phone will not call anyone and wanted to know if we could call someone for her

1556  Male came in to advise his truck broke down and he will have it moved the tomorrow

1709  Female called to advise she took her meds to early and was sick of people being killed and advised of a woman killed

1748  Female called again stating she was in a pit and can’t get out

1753  Male called to ask if a deputy was coming to his house

1901  Male called again stating he didn’t want a deputy to come to his house and he would come to the Sheriff’s office tomorrow

2107  Female called to report two females fighting at the apartments

2144  Female called to report her brother and father were fighting


February 11th

1157  Female called saying her husband was trying to overdose her meds

1203  Female called again saying her husband is making her retarded

1314  Female called again saying she wanted to sleep more and they are putting salt in her breakfast

1325  Female called again stating he won’t let her go shopping, wants money back and for him to go get a job

1405  Female called asking if someone called about a missing diaper bag

1607  Female called to see if anyone brought a diaper bag by

1641  Female called to report her granddaughter  had taken off with her cell phone and has been gone for a few days now

1642  Male called to report his daughter’s estranged husband has been threatening to come to the residence

1707  Female called to advise that her estranged husband usually carries a 22 long rifle with him

2014  Female called to advise of a male with a backpack walking on hwy 7 S by the runaway ramp


February 12th

0635  Male called to report a one vehicle accident on hwy 7 north of the Pruitt Bridge

1601  Male called wanting to know about a protection order on a male friend

1613  Male called to report his neighbor gets his truck suck every time it snows and leaves it setting in the middle of the highway and wants a deputy to tell him not to block the road because he has to get out and go to work

1658  Male called to report his house was on fire in Yardell

1728  Male called to report a flu fire at his house



February 13th

0829  Male called wanting copies of our records and something in writing saying that his wife left on her own and that she was ok because she is trying to say he did horrible things to her and she is running away from him and is trying to make him pay for her rent

1400  Female called saying that her and her sister got into a fight and her father assaulted her and she was locked in her room and they told her if she came out they would beat her

1547  Male called about leash law on dogs

1630  Male called report his car is setting at the bank and someone hit the side of it

1724  Female called to advise she didn’t want an eviction notice to be enforced

2154  Female called asking for a welfare check on her mother


February 14th

0054  Female called to advise a man was drunk and driving around with a mental man and two dogs and she wants us to look for him because he left her mom home without heat or food and she is in a wheelchair

0831  Male called to report two kids walking down the road when they should be in school

1221  Female called about a man killing another man and she said do something about she needs to pay for the baby and if we don’t she is going to call president Obama

1244  Female called again rambling about her husband and the bad things he does to the kids and herself she said her daughter told her not to take her meds unless he shoves them down her throat

1252  Female called again saying that they have her so retarded that she can’t read the bible or remember numbers that he did it with voodoo and wanting us to make them quit with the little kids and do not use someone anymore then mentioned something about an episode of cops from last night

1255  Female called again saying that they take her money and she can’t get out of the pit and hasn’t been to town in a month

1303  Female called again rambling about two people and how bad they treat the babies

1311  Female called again saying her husband wouldn’t even do anything when the flies were so bad and they were all over the babies and in their mouths and he wouldn’t put a screen on the door

1403  Male called to report cows in the road

1431  Male called to report an accident with no injuries

1631  Female called to advise she has no need for a man

1651  Female called again saying her husband is very sick and needs help and everything is not working and the dogs are no longer barking

1706  Male called to advise a van has been parked in his driveway for two weeks now

1752  Caller advised of a male and female fighting on hwy 123 and female was walking

2014  Male called advising he could hear a man yelling for help at the Dogwood Springs Campground

2017  Female called stating a male had been hit by a vehicle at Dogwood Springs Campground


February 15th

0049  Caller advised of a little dog on the Pruitt Bridge

0927  Female called about her grandmother and great grandmothers dog acting aggressive towards her and is concerned about the welfare and wants to know if there is a leash law

0949  Female called asking for a lady’s number and advised her husband is very sick and he becomes emotional and he does terrible things to her grandbabies

0951  Female called again asking for prayers for her

1031  Female called about her altercation with her husband the night before and asking about his whereabouts

1048  Female called asking for a phone number

1054  Female called advising she is not afraid of her husband

1123 Male called about burn ban

1145  Female called about a protection order

1203  Male called about a protection order

1209  Female called to advise of a broke down vehicle on Pruitt Hill

1216  Female called again asking about her husband and the altercation they had the night before

1246  Female called saying he never asked her out and said she wanted to speak with an OCS counselor, she advised her husband got her false teeth and she can’t eat and is all bones. She advised he brought her a pop and she could drink it but can’t eat apples or marshmallows and she is starving, wants to talk to a counselor because she advised she has to have a guard and he has gas on him and her husband took her skin and killed her and no she has old skin

1505  Caller advised of an injured bald eagle on hwy 7 between Pelsor and Fairview

1525  Female called for Jasper school advising she accidentally set the alarm off

1650  Male called to advise of a older man that was walking down the road and is now laying in his dads yard he advised the man said he is ok

1709  Female called to advise her son is bipolar and isn’t taking his meds and needs to be taken to the hospital and kept there

1728  Male called to advise of people free climbing at Lost Valley

1800  Female called to report a man is across from her property on the side of the road and has been there for awhile and thinks he may be trying to get into the abandon house there

1807  Male called to also report the man on the side of the road

1831  Female called to report she hit two deer just north of Jasper city limits

1908  Female called to report a semi has rolled over at Trucker’s Curve

1959  Female called about the semi rolled over and said it was on her property and she has guest there