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Sheriff's Log


February 16th

0053  Caller advised hearing yelling and cussing at a abandon house near Mystic Cavern

0842  Male called to ask if the road to Kyle’s Landing was closed

0943  Female called to report her daughter stole her husband’s government phone and is driving around with her child and no car seat

1052  Female called to advise her son was angry and violent today so she dropped him off at his brother’s house and we may get a call later because they don’t get along and wanted to know what to do if he came back to her house and caused problems

1104  Female called again saying her son had a shot gun and was going to start shooting someone

1230  Male called to report a couple skipped out on a $35 difference on a bill

1248  Female called saying she is still concerned about her grandmother and great grandmothers  neighbor’s dog and she tried to speak with them about it and they treated her badly

1440  Female called to report she had a male and female patient that was involved in an altercation, she advised the male and female were standing by Little Creek when two males came out of the woods and jumped the male and knocked him unconscious and then the female jumped the males but they didn’t want to file a complaint

1430  Male called to report someone had removed some wiring from his trailer house he has been working on and burned it down

1806  Male called to report a field fire 2 miles off hwy 7 on Gum Springs Road



February 17th

0749  Male called to report a female and male for drug use

0822  Male called again to report a man selling marijuana and thinks the woman is pregnant and we need to interrogate her

0840  Male called asking who to call about the roads

0845  Male called wanting to know if the recycling center is open today

0925  Male called to report another female for illegal activity

0936  Male called wanting a deputy to write a letter to send on his behalf saying that his wife is on her own and she was not hurt because she is trying to get him to pay her rent

1007  Female called to report her husband went to her sons house to get her car and is having trouble with a guy that is there that he doesn’t know and they won’t let him leave

1031  Female called to report a field fire in Yardell

1336  Female called advising that her neighbors dogs are trying to kill her goats and what she can do

1414  Female called to report her brother is threatening their father saying he is going to get even with him for calling the cops and he is calling nonstop

1600  Female called to report her house was on fire

1724  Male called for an unlock

1728  Male called to report a field on fire at Hasty

1816  Female called to ask for a officer to go with her to check on someone


February 18th

0551  Male called to report 10 or 12 cows in the road at Deer

0850  Female called to advise her brother is threatening their parents telling them that they are going to pay dearly for putting his wife in jail and threatening her also saying she is about to come on hard times for getting his wife arrested

0859  Female called to advise she received a letter in the mail from a man

0911  Female called to report her brother went to their mothers and stole a check and sign her name

1017  Male called to report stolen property

1205  Female called to report a field fire

1240  Female called to ask if we found the man who left her mother to die

1356  Male called to report a fire near Compton    

2353  Male called to report a man throwing rocks at a female’s house           


February 19th

1215  Female called to report a man she has a protection order against contacted her thru facebook

1245  Female called to advise a man was stranded on county road

1320  Female called to report a dog bit a man

1355  Female called wanting to know if her mother is buying a vehicle from her with no bill of sale and the title is still in her name and it is still registered to her, if her mother kicks her out of the house can she take the vehicle

1508  Female called to report a fire in a field with horses in it

1759  Male called to report he has lost 3 dogs, a black and white terrier and two snow white collies

1818  Male called to report he was following a car that was swerving all over the road

1945  Male called to report his wife was at home and someone had knocked on the door but she didn’t answer and when she looked out nobody was there

2014  Male called wanting to know who was working the night his wife left

2042  Male called wanting us to call the Sheriff’s Office in Mississippi to get information on a welfare check that they performed

2056  Male called to advise his family would be voting for Sheriff Slape in the next election



February 20th

1658  Female called to advise she has caller ID on her phone and a call came in last night from out of state

2100  Female called saying she failed her kids

2147  Female called asking how she could get her stuff from her ex husband after being apart for 5 years



February 21st

0850  Female called asking for her daughter’s phone number

1433  Caller advised he was going up Mt. Sherman and there were several bicyclist in front of him with a car driving behind them with the flashers on an they were going 2 miles an hour and wouldn’t get over

1457  Female called to say that a man and woman are moving to a different state

1536  Call reporting a fender bender in Jasper

1712  Female called to report seeing the vehicle that stole some of her belongings

2009  Male called to advise he doesn’t want us calling him anymore because it makes him worried and when he gets worried he get mad and stated we had no right to call him

2319  Male called again asking where deputies are patrolling

2338  Male called again to inform that he wants a deputy at his house because there is broken glass on his floor and said he didn’t want us to ever call him again


February 22nd

0809  Female called saying someone needs to go to the pen and he pushes the kids around and doesn’t care about the kids, he is a maniac

0928  Female called to report someone burning tires behind the funeral home

0954  Male called asking about seeing his kids according to his divorce degree

1334  Female called to report the controlled burn, she advised the fire jumped the line and they can’t find one of their helpers

1354  Female called to say they found the helper but still need the fire dept

1608  Male called wanting an affidavit

1735  Female called to report a man scraping at a trailer house