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Sheriff's Log


February 23rd

0856  Male called asking for a welfare check on his daughter

1031  Female called stating she received a scamming phone call while driving to California, they said her husband been in accident and they needed $500 dollars and to not call the police, she called her ex husband and he was okay

1147  Caller asking if there is a burn ban and someone was burning a bond fire the size of a truck

1428  Female called to report her grandmother was being harassed by a lady in Missouri, the lady was bragging about how she wanted in our county and that if she is caught she would know it was her grandmother and she would pay for it

1502  Male called to advise his chainsaw he bought from his boss was stolen off his porch while he was gone

1844  Male called to report a fire on hwy 7N


February 24th

0849  Female called to report a woman snooping around her road and she has no business there

1025  Female called to make sure this was the right number to call in case of a fire

1043  Male called to advise he hit someone’s vehicle in case someone calls about it

1212  Female called to complain about her ex not meeting for child exchange

1340  Male called to report two people stole stuff from his house

1604  Male called to ask what to do about a parking lot accident

1621  Male called to ask if someone could write a letter saying he didn’t hust his ex wife

1643  Male called to report his parents had his car without permission

1743  Male called to report he had found a bag with knives in it

1753  Male called to report a phone scam, a male offered $65,000 and a new GMC and asked for his account number but wouldn’t give his name

1808  Female called to report a phone scam, male called and told her she had won some money and a new vehicle, she hung up on him and then called the male back and told him she knew it was a scam

1940  Call about a semi truck stuck in the ditch


February 25th

0231  Female called to ask if she was on the right road to get to Paris, AR

0701  Female called to report a paint horse out on hwy 74

1432  Female called to report a semi ran her off the road in Western Grove


February 26th

0201  Male called asking if it was as cold here as it was at his house and if it is going to warm up soon, he also asked if we are under a burn ban and advised he is going to do a controlled burn tonight to clean his place because his wife is going to take half of it

1004  Anonymous caller reporting animal cruelty then hung up 

1008  Caller called again to report animal cruelty

1618  Male called to ask if we are under a burn ban

1705  Male and female came in saying they had tried to call 911 in November and again a few weeks ago but didn’t get anyone

1733  Female called 911 to see if it would work

1734  Female called again to see if her call would come in

1943  Female called wanting us to call her kids to come get her

1948  Female called again wanting us to to call her kids

1950  Male called about the animal cruelty he report earlier, he advised there was no cruelty involved

2015  Female called again wanting us to call her kids

2105  Female called again about calling her kids

2213  Female called to report a house fire

2231  Male called to say if the fire dept would hurry they could save the house


February 27th

0913  Call reporting a horse on hwy 74

0919  Female called crying about someone that wasn’t there and wanted us to call her and tell her to come see her

0926  Call about horse on hwy 74

1127  Anonymous caller advised to tell the sheriff that he is about to handcuff a few people and when he does we need to send two cars out to his place to pick them up

1435  Female called top report grass fire

1542  Female called to advise her and her neighbors have been hearing a wolf or something howling on McElroy Gap road and wants everyone to beware


February 28th

0129  Male called to report his water heater blew up and he needed the fire dept

0741  Female called to report a vehicle all over the road and something wasn’t right with the driver

0940  Male came in to report someone had dumped dogs on him and he can’t take care of anymore

1140  Male called to report a house fire on hwy 16

1234  Harps reporting a gas drive off

1613  Male called to advise of a large leak at his house

1728  Female called to report a accident on hwy 65 near the Newton / Boone Co line with several injuries

2211  Female called to advise of a tractor trailer that was blocking the road


March 1st

1117  Male called to report a his lost dark brown lab, she has a slender body with a collar that has a brass tag and has a limp

1552  Male called to report his neighbors are not taking care of their dogs, they aren’t feeding them or watering them and he has been doing it but can’t anymore

1929  Female called to report a semi truck in front of her at Dogpatch heading north driving in the left lane and almost ran two people off the road

2131  Female called to report her granddaughters are causing problems by not doing what she tells them too, they are 21 and 19 and have boys over and they won’t make them leave

2150  Female called to report her daughter is trying to leave her husband’s house but he pulled out a gun and told her that if someone came to get her he would shoot them




February 24th

Heather Carter – warrant - bond $1,355.00

Heather Carter – warrant – bond no bond

Kevin Huddleston – warrant – bond $1,100.00


February 25th

Justin Vanderpool – bench warrant – no bond


February 26th

Benjamin Cornelius – warrant – bond $755.00


February 28th

Leslie Atnip – poss of drug paraph – no bond

Kristopher Lloyd – driving on susp, no proof ins – no bond