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Sheriff's Log


March 7th

0859  Female called to advise they will be having a controlled burn

0921  Male called for a controlled burn

1217  Male called to ask about his headlight out due to a recent accident

1846  Male called to ask for a welfare check on a woman, he went to deliver a package to her house and the house lights were on and nobody answered the door when he knocked and he couldn’t see anyone

2121  Female called to report a disturbance at the buffalo apartments


March 8th

0849  Female called to report that she has been receiving a lot of phone calls from a blocked number and when she answers they hang up and she thinks they may be calling to see if she is home so they can break in

1359  Female called to report a truck with a driver that looked to be on drugs and he had a woman in the back seat and one in the front with an unrestrained child, she told them to leave and said they followed her daughter

1446  Male called saying he missed the school bus dropping off the kids and wondered if they were down here

1534  Male called wanting to know what would happen if he left home

1752  Male called advising of a man selling drugs on his road

1832  Male called advising a vehicle just past his house doing 70 on old hwy 7

2031  Caller needing a deputy for a dispute between her son and husband

2040  Caller advising they don’t need a deputy anymore

2205  Female called to advise she was stuck in the mud and needed a tow

March 9th

0052  Female called saying she wanted to be picked up on her warrant and wants to file charges on someone for pushing a man off something

1013  Female called to ask for a welfare check on an employee

1014  Female called to cancel welfare check

1151  Male called needing a deputy because someone shot his window

1427  Female called stating that she is at her ex’s house in Piercetown trying to pick up her son but when she walked in the house he ex pushed her out and cussed her

1624  Male called to advise not to send anyone to his house alarm he would get it turned off as fast as it goes off

1930  Male called to report his wife threw a metal rod and hit him in the face

1933  Male called back to advise his wife has left and doesn’t need a deputy

2012  Caller advising of a chimney fire

2131  Male called to ask about a warrant so he would know if he had enough money for the bond


March 10th

0800  Male called to ask about a protection order

1023  Male called to advise of a two vehicle accident in Jasper

1135  Female called to report a field fire

1212  Female called to ask about the thefts and thinks some of her stuff may be part of the items recovered

1445  Male called about threatening phone calls from someone who told him he won money

1521  Male called to advise he may need a deputy later tonight because his ex wife is coming and says she is bringing her dad and there may be problems

1541  Female called to advise of a rollover but they were all ok

1643  Male called to report his estranged wife was suppose to come to his house for a paper for her income taxes and his lawyer advised him not to give it to her

1655  Call to report smoke north of Mill Creek, it was reported as a controlled burn on Sunday but the Park Service is afraid it caught up on it’s own

1746  Female called to report her neighbor walked up to her with a gun and told her to get off his property

1934  Male came in to ask who was in the wreck at the fairgrounds

2004  Male called to advise he was having a controlled burn and it was under control and on private land and to tell the park service to come talk to him if they have a problem with it           

2058  Caller asking about burn ban because someone has a fire by their property

2329  Male called to report he was riding his four wheeler and could see a fire at the end of the Erbie road around Dogpatch area


March 11th

0602  Female called to advise she has been hearing noises in her garage and is afraid to go look

0727  Male called to advise his wife was driving to work and seen a mule with a saddle on but nobody around on Gene Rush

0853  Female called asking where her boyfriend was

1120  Male called about some people coming around his property

1227  Female called to report a fire on Pinnacle Mt and there are about 5 houses in danger

1247  Male called saying the response time for the fire on Pinnacle Mt should be four minutes with all the 911 address that comes up on the screen and satellites and said he would sue if his house burned down

1649  Male called to report they found a mule with a saddle and bit but the reins were broken on Gene Rush

2012  Male called to report grass fire on hwy 74W


March 12th

0200  Male called saying he wanted to apologize for everything and needs our help, he said he would give the boys and girls everything but his life and wants a protection order on a woman who has one on him from a another state

0507  Male called to report a tree across the road on hwy 74 just south of McElroy Gap

0914  Male called about a male thumping around on another man and threatening to kill him over a chicken being on his property

1043  Caller advising of a dog in bad shape, can see all of its bones

1046  Caller advising of a cow in the middle of the road on hwy 123 and Mt Hersey road

1123  Female called to report a suspicious black dodge charger in Kelly Ridge road

1245  Male called to ask how long his estranged wife has before he can throw her stuff out because it looks like she isn’t coming back for it