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Sheriff's Log


March 13th

0901  Female called for a welfare check        

0907  Female called to report a break in Marble Falls       

1003  Forest service called to advise of a controlled burn of 4000 acres around Haggerville

 1121  Male called to report another male was threatening to kill himself and was on drugs

1628  Male called to report a small grass fire in a pasture across from the Murray community building

1648  Male called about smoke in Parthenon

1806  Harps advised of a gas drive off

1818  Caller advising of a motorcycle accident south of Fallsville

1904  Male called about his hound dog being reported in bad health, he advised the dog had worms and had gotten sick some time ago and is getting better

1948  Harps called to advise the gas drive off from earlier returned and paid

2027  Male called to report a fire below CR 9 that goes to Redstar off hwy 21


March 14th

0225  Male called to ask about the wildfire in Boxley

0717  Male called about the fire in Boxley

0717  Female called about fire on Boat Mt

0818  Female called about fire on Boat Mt

0944  Female called to ask where she could get a car seat for her niece

1003  Male called to advised that the fire in Boxley had been put out

1129  Female called to report she sees smoke coming up Brasel Creek

1147  Male called about rules and regulations of long boarding

1206  Male called about seeing smoke near the Brasel creek area

1315  Male called about seeing smoke

1352  Female called about her husband’s accident the day before and wants to know where his motorcycle is

1416  Male called about the fire at Boat Mt

1607  Caller advised of three individuals walking towards a trailer and they went inside, thinks it’s being robbed because a truck stopped next door and they took off

1645  Male called to report his controlled burn got out of control and he needed help

2026  Male called to report someone setting another person’s property on fire

2040  Female called to report a man set her property on fire

2346  Caller reported a fire below their house


March 15th

0050  Male called to report his trailer is smoking and not sure if it is a fire or something electrical

0449  Caller reporting a fire on Boat Mt

0908  Male called about a towing company not allowing his son to get his property out of his vehicle

1030  Female called to advise she thinks something might be wrong with a worker in Dollar General because the lights were on but the door is locked

1053  Male asking about property dispute with land that was recently surveyed and wondering if an officer could park nearby and make sure the neighbor doesn’t do anything crazy

1221  Female called asking about animal control and said she has a dog that is in bad condition and old

1406  Male called to report his neighbor has been shooting and the bullets have been flying over his head and hitting trees above him

1643  Male called to report someone had dumped a bunch of trash along his road

1704  Female called to report four wheelers racing on hwy 74W

1738  Female called to advise she found a black dog with white on it and it has puppies

1924  Female called about the water hose being on at the Methodist Church in Jasper


March 16th

1149  Caller advising of a vehicle accident on hwy 7S

1150  Male called to ask if the electric went off in Jasper

1209  Caller advising of a one vehicle accident south of Western Grove on hwy 65, vehicle rolled over and there are people hanging out the windows

1212  Call about the rollover accident

1219  Call about the rollover accident

1255  Male called to advise his hasn’t been able to get a hold of his son who is camping in the Jasper area

1323  Pope Co called to advise of four individuals that are in Sandstone Caverns and they have some food, water, and sleeping bags but their clothes are wet and they are concerned about the weather

1828  Female called for a welfare check on her son, him and his father got into a fist fight and the father is in the ER with some bumps and bruising and is worried about her son


March 17th

 0249  Female called to report someone was trying to open her door and she could see them trying to peek thru her blinds

0653  Male called to report he had an accident near the Erbie Cutoff road and Erbie road

0947  Female called to advise a male ran off the road on Wayton road between Deer and Alum Cove

0947  Pope Co called to advise of four people stuck in Sand Castle Cavern near Richland Creek Campground, they spent the night there and the creek is too high to get back to their vehicle

1455  Male called about his estranged wife being gone and wants to know what he can do with her stuff that has been there since January

1500  Female called to report windows have been broken on a house

1527  Male called about his wife’s accident the night before

1838  Female called to report a vehicle off the road on hwy 7S


March 18th

0815  Male called asking about a car off the road at Benet Park

0835  Male called wanting to know where the fire was this weekend, he wanted to know if it was in the Boxley area, he advised he has land there and he heard that they had to use helicopters

1607  Male called about a SUV off the road on Asia Point road