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Sheriff's Log


March 23rd

0104  Caller advising of a man and woman yelling at at each other but have stopped for now

0350  Male called to advise of a vehicle that has been driving back and forth very fast up and down the dirt road

0900  Male came in asking about evicting people from his rental property

0946  Male called to advise he will be burning brush piles in Limestone

1017  Caller saying there is a vehicle sitting on rail ties with no tires or wheels on it

1132  Female called asking about her mother’s house that was searched, wanted to know if they have to be present and what was going on and what was found

1500  Female called to report she hasn’t heard from her husband and their hiking party

1611  Female called to report that her husband is rich and has 3 million dollars, owns the dollar general, and she wants to go to someone’s house

1832  Female called to report someone shooting into the field where her horses are


March 24th

0004  Male called to ask how long it took to die after you hang yourself

0420  Male called to report a house on fire on hwy 7S

1114  Female called to report their vehicle had be hit, then male said to forget about it

1757  Male called to advise of a vehicle in the ditch at Paradise Hill

1812  Female called saying that the person who was shooting at her mailbox was driving around her house

2041  Male called to report a truck with a camper went into the woods

2254  Male called to ask for an officer at the Buffalo River Apt for a domestic


March 25th

0928  Female called advising that the kid that had shot her mailbox came back harassing them last night

1038  Male called asking for a game warden to come to Mt Judea School because there are deer running up and down the road and the kids were going out and petting them

1056  Female called again advising the kid was back harassing her again by driving up and down her road

1846  Female called to advise that a truck had some friends of the kid that shot her mail box in it and was headed towards Red Star


March 26th

0758  Female called to ask for the address to Mt Sherman Fire Dept

0837  Female called to advise there are horses in the road on 74E

0926  Male called to advise he would be burning some leaves at Ponca Bible Camp

1238  Female called to report a male walking down hwy 374 carrying a long black rifle

1306  Male called to ask how much a ticket for failure to stop at a break check and a nosy muffler would be

1314  Male called to advise he would be burning on Will Jones road

1414  Caller advising that their neighbor had done a controlled burn and burned part of their field and said he would pay for damages but hasn’t

1623  Female called to report a field fire on the Hasty Cutoff road

1630  Female called to ask if anything could be done about baseballs hitting the side of her apartment building

1631  Female called to report her field was on fire

1710  Female called to report that a man has taken her wheel barrow

1736  Female called to report a structure fire in Pruitt

1830  Male called to advise of two vehicles parked on the Forest Service on Shiloh road for the last four days

2129  Male called to report a female is in his field drunk and just got in her truck and took off towards Jasper


March 27th

0736  Male called to advise when he woke up he noticed a vehicle sitting at the end of his property and when he walked out they took off

1228  Female called to ask where the city dump is

1313  Male called asking for the number to the VA in Fayetteville

1437  VA in Fayetteville called for a welfare check on a man

1616  Male called to report a driver all over the road going towards Piercetown

1625  Male called again to advise driver was now going towards Mt Judea

1819  Male called to advise that his cousin had moved near his dad to take care of him and now wishes to not care for him any longer but won’t let him anywhere near the property