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Sheriff's Log


April 2ND

0810  Male called to advise he was going to burn some junk

0820  Female called to advise someone was keying the mike on the fire radio with dogs barking in the background late at night

1047  Male called to report a man will not leave, he keeps coming back and he wants someone to make him stay away

1132  Male came in to advise he was not going back to the man’s house and was going to stay away from there

1528  Male called to report a theft

1705  Female called to report a man walking beside the hwy on 7S by Dogpatch

1719  Female called to report her purse was stolen

2133  Female called to report her cat was in a tree and her son couldn’t get it down in Western Grove


April 3rd

0117  Female called to report a man sitting just below Will Jones road with his hood up

0752  Male called to report a man wrote him three bad checks

0802  Male called to report a stolen vehicle 

0821  Male called to report a man took off with his son’s car with his brother was in the back and wanted to know if we had a deputy coming

0845  Female called to report that last night her vehicle had ¼ tank of gas and now it has about 1/8 of a tank and she thinks someone is siphoning their gas

0853  Caller advising of a car overturned at Smith Curve on hwy 123 between Vendor and Piercetown

0854  Female advising of wreck on hwy 123

0917  Male called to report a theft of property

0943  Male called asking if we had a deputy coming up there because they were wanting him away from the store

0954  Male called asking for a deputy at the Deer Store because he doesn’t know what to do with this male

1017  Female called to report a pack of dogs in the Piercetown area that keep terrorizing the neighborhood and coming on her property

1027  Male called to ask legal advice about getting a paternity test for his baby

1614  Female called asking for a officer for a domestic

1633  Male called to report a male walking by Twin Culverts and he thought he had a warrant

1713  Female called to advise of a man parking his vehicle close to her house

1717  Female called to report a semi was going very slow up Paradise Hill and she wanted a deputy to make him pull over and let the cars pass him

1910  Female called to report an accident on hwy 7

2127  Male called to report a vehicle rollover between Log Hall Church and Smith Cemetery on hwy 374


April 4th

0555  Female called to report she was hearing a loud noise outside but thought it may just be an animal

0756  Male called to ask if we had any reports of storm damages

0841  Female called asking about pulling an old police report and filing a new report

0849  Male called asking how much he owed on his warrant

0908  Male called again asking if he could pay his warrant in another county

0918  Female came in about getting personal effects of her grandfathers from some people

1051  Female called to advise her mother was going to come in to file for a protection order

1438  Male called to report a bicyclist went over the guardrail on hwy 327 just past Parthenon

1503  Male called asking where another male was so he could take him some clothes

1637  Female called to advise of a male that has been around a woman’s house and the woman has a protection order against him

1726  Male called to ask if the Lake Village Trial has any camping sites

2315  Male called to report a female was giving beer to a minor


April 5th

 0547  Male called to report two males wrecked and are stuck on his property

1008  Caller asking for phone number to a doctor’s office in town

1148  Male called to report a loud explosion he heard and it sounded it came from the valley between Asia Point and Cliff House

1227  Male called to say there will be a burn adjacent to the Boxley Mill sometime that evening in the fields, it is a private burn but the National Park Service would be providing structure protection

1334  Female called to advise of a male slumped over in his vehicle for approximately two hours at the old Angel Works

1423  Caller reporting a fire near Fire Tower road but did see that someone was there

1549  Male, who was very mad and cussing called to tell a deputy that the next time he comes to his property he better have a warrant and let him come in his house and see what happens. He advised of a male and female who are giving beer to minors and are accusing him of selling dope

1553  Female called wanting deputies to stop driving by her house because it bothers her, she can’t sleep and thinks it’s a waste of the counties money

1714  Male called to report a fire at Bluehole Carver area

2013  Male called to report a man and his wife are trespassing on his property in Limestone

2126  Male called again to advise that the people left and he does have a shotgun and will use it if he has to

2137  Male called again to advise he is locking his doors, going to bed and not to send a deputy

2224  Female called to report a vehicle rollover in Western Grove


April 6th

0828  Caller reporting a vehicle accident on hwy 7 north of the old Crawfords Store

2010  Male called to advise that he will be getting a lawyer because a deputy told him he was not allowed to be in Newton County and he will be calling the sheriff


April 7th

0859  Male came in to file a report of theft of property

1049  Male called to report a man letting his minor drink alcohol and smoke pot

1125  Female called to report two male possibly breaking in a trailer to steal things

1234  Female called to report someone had broke into a house they are working on

1245  Male called to report cattle in the road on hwy 7

1427  Male called about a truck setting on a low water bridge, he doesn’t see anyone in it

1433  Female called from Gordon’s Motel to advise someone stole a bed sheet       

1515  Male called to advise a truck has washed off a low water bridge with someone inside.

1627  Male called to advise he was at the gas station for fuel and to pick up his son and the ex wife came to the store, he wanted to know if he had to leave

1959  Subway called to report an employee’s dad was outside trying to make her leave

2011  Female called to ask for a deputy to help her leave her husband then got mad and screamed that she knew we would not help her

2048  Male called to report a mule in the road on hwy 123 by Leisure Lee Hills

2148  Female called saying her boyfriend had been in an altercation with his dad and wanted to file charges