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The Newton County Sheriff’s Office recently took part in a program with the U.S. Marshal’s Service to check in on the county’s registered sex offenders. A division of the Marshal’s Service is dedicated to sex offender enforcement and assists agencies in checking the compliance of the terms of sex offender registration.
Deputies with NCSO were paired with Deputy Marshals to locate and determine whether or not the registrants were violating the terms of the laws governing them. In all, over twenty sex offenders were contacted. Some of these contacts led to investigations of offenses in addition to the sex offender status. These investigations are continuing and future arrests are expected.
Newton County Sheriff Keith Slape said “We at the Sheriff’s Office are responsible for keeping tabs on quite a few registered sex offenders. We want to keep those people from reoffending or endangering other victims and we strive to make sure they check in with us and we, in turn, randomly drop in on them. We want to make sure they aren’t in the company of minors, or any other folks they are forbidden from being around. Sexual predators are a big problem that we fight to keep off the street. But, once they are released and on the street, we want to keep a tight rein on them. We do all we can to protect the innocent people they prey upon.”