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Absalom “Little Ab” Phillips, aged 34 of Jasper, was arrested on November 29th, 2015 for Misdemeanor charges and transported to the Newton County Jail. The next day Phillips was released by a magistrate on a signature bond, to await his court date. It was later discovered that, upon his release, Phillips allegedly stole a pair of pants from a fellow inmate at the jail, effectively violating the conditions of his bond and committing an additional crime.
Phillips was later seen riding a bicycle on Highway 7, north of Jasper. When Deputies arrived in the area, Phillips dumped his bicycle and fled on foot, constituting another violation of the law.
Deputies were unable to locate Phillips, but his bicycle was impounded and further charges are expected. Additionally, Mr. Phillips’ bond is expected to be revoked.
Sheriff Keith Slape said “Little Ab has been a recurring problem in our community for years. It’s obvious by his actions that he didn’t recognize the fact that he had been given a break by the magistrate. He violated the trust of the community and even his fellow inmates. Common sense has never been one of his strong points. He’ll turn up again and I’m sure the magistrate will not forget his actions.”