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            Chief Deputy Jarred Morgan said that the Newton County Sheriff’s Office received a call Monday evening concerning a Fayetteville man that had not been seen or heard from in a couple of days.

            Phil Davison, aged 33 did not show up for work in Harrison on Monday and had not called anyone to let them know he wouldn’t be there. Family and coworkers were unable to contact Davison by phone. Davison works in Harrison, but lives in Fayetteville. Fayetteville Police went to Davison’s house and found the door unlocked and no one home.

            Davison had told coworkers that he intended to go hiking near the Buffalo River this weekend to “get lost in the woods” but did not specify where on the river he planned to visit. Several agencies had put out bulletins to be on the lookout for Davison.

            Newton County Deputy Kyle Dunn began checking area trailheads and hiking destinations for Davison’s vehicle while Investigator Glenn Wheeler began following leads from Davison’s cell phone. Cell phone information indicated Davison was in east central Colorado. Investigator Wheeler began contacting hotels near the area who put the word out to be watching for Davison’s vehicle. One of the hotel employees later spotted a car fitting the description of Davison’s at a truck stop in neighboring Limon, Colorado. Investigators contacted the Lincoln County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office and a local officer was sent to try and make contact with Davison.

            Davison was located and appeared to be in good physical condition. He assured officers he was fine and would contact his family.