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It is with a heavy heart that Sheriff Keith Slape announces the passing of Deputy Marshall Metzgar. Deputy Metzgar passed away on Friday December 2, 2016 following a heart attack. Deputy Metzgar was a Bailiff for the Newton County Sheriff’s office, but had previously held other positions with the department, including Chief Deputy.

                Deputy Metzgar had a long and decorated career in law enforcement prior to coming to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. Not only was he a Deputy and Bailiff in Boone County, but Metzgar had spent 31 years with the Border Patrol. He retired from that agency after having risen to the rank of Chief of the Southeastern Sector of the U.S., supervising agents in several states. He also worked for a period of time in Washington D.C. working directly with Congress and lawmakers on policy. Metzgar headed up the Border Patrol’s relief efforts following Hurricane Andrew after it devastated Florida. His actions, foresight and ability to make things happen earned him a personal visit and commendation from the Attorney General of the United States. Metzgar would laugh and recall “I thought I was in trouble when I sat down across the table from him.”After retiring,  Metzgar moved to Newton County in 1996.

                Sheriff Slape said “Marshall has been a pillar not only at the Sheriff’s Office, but in the community, for many years. He was always a professional and did everything he set out to do with dedication and enthusiasm. He always had a great sense of humor, a smile on his face and lifted the spirits of everyone he encountered. But, he was also all business when it came to doing his job. His experience, training and cool headedness made him an invaluable asset. I could always depend on him and sought and welcomed his advice. He was not just an employee, he was a friend and a trusted advisor.”

Slape continued “Law enforcement really is like one big family. This is especially true in a small agency like ours. We celebrate with one another and we hurt with one another. Marshall’s passing will leave a huge hole in the Sheriff’s Office family.”

Metzgar’s wife, Maggie, also works at the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, heading up the Business Administration Division or, as Sheriff Slape says, “kind of the nerve center that keeps this place running.” Slape went on to say “the entire Sheriff’s Office mourns with Maggie and she and the family are in our prayers.”

Deputy Metzgar  was a member of the Mason’s Lodge in Jasper and attended The First Baptist Church of Jasper. He is survived by his wife, Maggie, two daughters, Kelly Malone and Jamie Wintraub and three grandchildren, Austin, Miranda and Sandra.

A memorial service will be held on Thursday, December 8th, 2016 at 2:00 P.M.