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Woman arrested for injuring 89 year old and 9 month old


Newton County Sheriff Keith Slape said that Amanda Jean Louise Munday, 26 year old, of Western Grove, was arrested for  2 counts of Domestic Battery frist degree, endangering welfare of a minor, endangering welfare of elderly, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, and disorederly conduct. Slape stated that the Newton County Sheriff's Office received a call about and incident that was occurring on Hwy 123 south of Western Grove. Deputy Marc Lowery responded and found Ms. Munday breaking the windows out of the house of her grandparents. After an altercation with Munday Deputy Lowery found an 89 year old woman injured by Munday and a 9 month old baby that had been injured by Munday. Sheriff Slape said " It is eggregious enough to do this type of act but when you inflict this type of injuries to an elderly person and an infant then you have crossed a whole different line." Slape said that this was not the first encounter that the sheriff's office has had with this individual. Munday was taken to the Newton County Jail and held on a $50,000 bond.