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Threats Investigated at Deer School



            Newton County Sheriff Glenn Wheeler said he was contacted by the Superintendent of the Deer-Mt. Judea School District, Bill Mizaur, about possible threats toward the students at the Deer Campus.

            Wheeler said Mizaur was notified that a student had possibly made threats that had been overheard by another student and reported to school staff. Mizaur contacted the Newton County Sheriff's Office who, working in conjunction with the school district, opened an investigation.

            The Sheriff's Office interviewed witnesses and the student who reportedly made the threats, along with the student's family. Steps were taken to ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors to the campus and action was taken so that responsible parties were held accountable in a manner consistent with the law and the findings of the investigation.

            "Both the Newton County Sheriff's Office and the administration of area schools take school safety very seriously and will immediately and thoroughly investigate any incident that could even be thought to jeopardize that safety. We feel that this situation has been resolved and is no longer a threat." Sheriff Glenn Wheeler said.

            Since those involved are juveniles, no names are being released.