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The Sheriff's Office Administration includes the Chief Deputy and Administrative Assistant. They manage the business side of the Sheriff's Office and are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Sheriff's Office. They are all working hard to provide a safer County for all.


NC2 - Chief Deputy Mike Blocker

The Chief Deputy currently is Mike Blocker. Mike has worked for the Newton County Sheriff's Office since January 2019. Before being appointed to the position of Chief Deputy he served as the Investigator for the Sheriff's Office. Mike is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Sheriff's Office including, personnel issues, scheduling, purchasing, equipment inventory and maintenance, community relations, helping with budgeting, and still assisting with calls for service and some major CID case work.  

The Sheriff's Office Business Administration Division is run by Beth Thompson who has worked for the Office since 2016. She coordinates all clerical and record keeping for the Sheriff's Office. She manages the accounts payable processes, Circuit Court Bond and Fine Account, District Court Bond and Fine Account, Radio Account, Bonds Account and Seized Funds Account. She is responsible for the disbursement of restitution payments to crime victims and makes monthly settlements with the District and Circuit Clerks and County Treasurer for all money received. She enters all tickets issued for District Court and collects all money paid on fines, bonds and restitution and enters it all in the computer. She is responsible for receiving, maintaining and tracking of all civil process that comes into the Sheriff's Office. This includes Orders of Protection, Summons, Eviction Notices and Writs. She also serves as the Sheriff's Secretary and Administrative Assistant.

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