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The patrol deputies general responsibilities shall at all times to preserve the public peace, prevent crime, detect and arrest violators of the law, protect life and property and enforce all criminal laws of the State of Arkansas. Sometimes the laws may not be favored by the public, but the officers have taken an oath to uphold the constitution and the laws. They take the initial call and report to the Chief Deputy and Sheriff. Deputies also serve civil process paperwork, and also serve as Bailiff's for all Newton County Courts.   

Full Time Deputies

NC3 - Deputy Adam Sirmons       

NC4 - Deputy JD Harper  

NC5 - Deputy Barney Heft        

NC6 - Deputy Addison Ginnaven

NC8 - Deputy Aaron Carter          

Part Time Deputies

NC7 - Deputy Bryan Wheeler

NC10 - Deputy Gary Waters

NC11 - Steve Harper - Steve serves as the Ballif for the courts and assists when and where needed.

NC9 - Nate Allen - Nate is assigned to Western Grove as a metro unit. The city of Western Grove pays the salary for this Deputy. 


Reserve Deputies 

 The Sheriff's Office has a reserve division that assists the department. These individuals have volunteered their time to help in the safety of Newton County. They have received a minimum of 110 hours of training.                               

Newton County currently has 16 Reserve Deputies.